today i ate too much mcdonald’s and felt sick all day so i just watched youtube and ignored all my responsibilities and tried to forget about the fact that i have 8000 words of assignments due in ten days that i haven’t even started

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Theo Rossi for Bello Magazine September Issue 2014

"The reason you get into this whole business [acting] is you want to play as many different emotions and different character as you can. I got so lucky enough to be on one show [Sons of Anarchy] that spanned over seven years of my life and I have been fortunate enough to play every single emotion."

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Today is great because the Cowboys won again and this /finally/ arrived in the mail. I am beyond excited. Also, I’m sorry I ever doubted your delivery skills JB Hi-Fi, let’s never fight again. 💕 #youfillmewithsweetmusicygoodness

Dylan O’Brien winning Breakthrough Actor at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards

Title: As Time Goes By (Casablanca)
Artist: Dooley Wilson
Played: 9491 times


Lazy record store employee

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i’ve left another assignment to the last minute again and i’m mad at myself for it but i keep doing it so it mustn’t annoy me that much if i keep procrastinating to the point where i have to pull all nighters to get things finished. i don’t know. when will i realise that pre-planning is what got me two high distinctions in one week? probably never. i watched sonic highways yesterday and oh my god. dave grohl just gets it, doesn’t he? he knows what it is to live music - to feel a deep, resounding passion for it right in your fucking bones. i tried explaining my passion for music to someone once because they said they didn’t get it and it’s the hardest thing in the world to try and put into words. there is no better feeling in the world than to hear a song and feel it deep in your guts. it’s like nothing else. and i am so unbelievably grateful that i am lucky enough to be someone who identifies with music so much because there are a lot of things i know i wouldn’t have achieved without the music to inspire me, support me and keep me safe. i just voted a lot of times for dean to win the x factor and it means a lot to me that he does. i care too much about it. i think my yellowcard cd finally arrives tomorrow. it was your birthday the other day and i realised how long it had been since i thought about you and it was good and bad. i hope i see you again soon, just to see. i’ve got a great idea for a film but no talent or money to make it with. what a mess of a text post.

Alex Turner (2006 - 2014)

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@DiannaAgron Meetings done. And now…first time for THIS studio. History here…pretty cool.

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